Attention Rebellion

Attention Rebellion

Attention Rebellion is an alt-rock outfit from Hartford, Connecticut featuring catchy riffs, groovy beats, and hard-hitting original music. Veterans of the CT, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia, and Seattle music scenes, the band joined forces in late 2022 with a common goal: to create compelling, original rock music with an emphasis on quality songwriting and high-energy live performances.

The band is led by the fiery vocals and infectious melodies of Paris Robberstad. Guitarists Geoff Peters and Jeff Oddo bring together many different styles that result in a tasty rock blend. Aaron Patterson lays down the anchor with his funky, inventive bass lines. Drummer Adam Believeau’s reggae-influenced beats provide the perfect backbeat for the band’s eclectic sound. With three singles released so far and an EP on the way, Attention Rebellion shares a fresh energy and collective desire to break new ground.


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