Joy Monroe

Joy Monroe

Evangeline Monroe aka Joy Monroe is a sixteen-year breast cancer survivor and talented body artist who hails from Hartford, CT. Joy’s artistry brings together the worlds of body painting and visual aesthetics with breathtaking results. She is a proud single mother of four grown children and ten grandchildren. Self-taught, Joy’s passion for art started when she was just a tender age of four. Having experienced homelessness at a point in her life Joy became a “jack of all trades” leading her to try her hand at anything that would provide security for her family. She was a Culinary Chef for fifteen years working venues such as the prestigious Hartford Club, as well as a hairdresser and a welder. Something that many do not realize is that Joy has a hearing disability. Her drive to succeed led her to teach herself to read lips so she didn’t stand out from her peers. 

In the past five years Joy’s passion for the art world has exploded visually and can be seen in house murals, skin canvas, photography, and videography. She has performed and had her talents represented at national and international body art competitions, always ranking in the top five percent. Locally, she has presented sold-out workshops, performances, and productions in and around the tri-state area.


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