Mackenzie Nicole Mason

Mackenzie Nicole Mason

Mackenzie Nicole Mason, CT’s own Dancing Author.
Mackenzie is an 11 year old middle school student athlete who tragically lost both of her parents within a year. Although the last two years have been difficult, Mackenzie is doing her best to turn her pain into purpose. Through her grief journey she channeled her energy into writing her first book, while in fifth grade which is titled “Mommy Don’t Go, Daddy Please Stay, 12 ways to cope with the loss of a parent. The purpose of her first writing project was to help herself as well as other children who are going through the grief journey that she was abruptly brought into.

Mackenzie is now a published author whose ministry is helping other children who have lost a parent or loved one. In addition to Mackenzie’s writing career, she also started dancing in 2021 where she quickly excelled in her training which led her to being selected to compete with the All Star Team in the American Allstar Cuitcut. In just two short years, Mackenzie has competed in Regionals, Nationals and in the Worldwide Dance circuit in Memphis and Florida (respectively) where she competed against various competitors from around the globe! Mackenze has won various awards, placing 1st in her category, placing in overalls, and receiving a judges award at her first ever dance competition.


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